Teen Sex, Consequences, and Where Is It Taught

Topics: Adolescence, Teenage pregnancy, Education Pages: 3 (884 words) Published: April 1, 2009
Although some might find this gross and uncomfortable it’s a subject that has to be addressed. It’s calked sex. Sex is a popular subject among young teens. Everyone is doing it, but everyone is not educated. We need to talk openly and honestly about Sex Education in schools and at home.

Anna Quindlen the author of “Sex Ed” states that sex is a dry subject and taught differently due to morals. Quindlen believes that sex should be taught at school but in the home as well. I believe sex is a very sensitive subject. It’s a subject that should be taught by the parents and in school. Teaching young teens about sex in school is great, but teaching them about sex at home is even better. Openly talking to teens at home allows you to provide answers to all the questions that teens are embarrassed to ask about at school. It also allows the parent to let their child know morally how they feel about having sex. Many teens today are pregnant or have STDs, so by informing them about sex at home as well as in schools maybe a change can take place.

In the article Sex Ed the author talks about young teens having sex, and how sex seems to be a part of being of being a teenager. Young teens are having sex regardless of the outcome. Quindlen believes teaching sex at school alone will not solve the problem. You have to educate the young teens at home also.

Sex is a popular subject among teens. A lot of teens are having sex just to fit in or just to say they did it. They are not realizing what’s at risk, or just how important their body is.
So many teens today are becoming parents. When I was in school their were a few girls that were pregnant, but most of the teenagers cared more about shopping, and going to parties. I look at high school kids today so many are pregnant or already had babies. I believe teenage pregnancy is one of the top reasons teens drop out of school. In the article “Teenage Pregnancy Is a Serious Problem” written by Kristin Moore and Barbara Sugland, they...
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