Teen Pregnancy Proposal

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Quentoria Willingham
Dr. Hall
English 1102
30 June 2013
Teen Pregnancy: Educating the Future Parents of Our Society
In 2012 in the United States, the rate of teen pregnancy is at its lowest level in nearly forty years. However, teen pregnancy still remains the highest among the developed countries in the world (Weiss 1). Most teenage girls are getting pregnant at a rapid rate. Pregnancies can occur because of the misusage of condoms, unawareness of birth control, or intentionally. Some pregnancies are unintentional and unplanned because of teens not being educated on sexual activity. In today’s society, teenage girls want to feel accepted and raise their self-esteem. Engaging in sexual activity and getting attention from guys makes them feel attractive and beautiful. Is there a solution to reduce teen pregnancy and are all precautions being taken? If teens were better educated on sex and teen pregnancy, could pregnancy be prevented? I believe that sexual education classes should be imposed in schools to reduce this problem and help teenagers think about their actions before acting on them.

I have first-hand experience on teen pregnancies. My mother was a single, teen parent. My mother birthed my sister at 17 and me at 18. My mother was under age 21 with two children. It was hard living in a single teen parent household. Since my mother was so young it was like my sister and I was my grandparent children. My grandparents had to provide for their children and my sister and I. With my mother having two small children at home she didn’t graduate from Data shows that approximately 67.8 per 1,000 women aged fifteen through nineteen, are becoming pregnant each year (Weiss 1). In 2010, teen birth rates declined for all races except Pacific Islanders (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The consequence of teen pregnancy is: teenagers not graduating from high school, having miscarriages and maternal illnesses, and the newborns are born at low birth weight (Weiss 1). Teen pregnancy can be a financial burden on government assistant programs like child healthcare, WIC, and foster care. Since a majority of pregnancies are unintentional, sexual education is an effective solution because this would teach students about abstinence and contraception. Sexual education should be put into schools so that teens can learn about pregnancy, safe sex, and prevention methods.

Teen pregnancy is a problem in the United States because of teens not being aware of the consequences of sex and not being fully educated on sex. Where I am from sex ed isn’t taught in school. The people in our school system think that is a topic that supposed to stay in the home. I think this idea is crazy because every time you walk into that high school another girl is pregnant. For example, Janaye, my best friend, was seventeen when she got pregnant. She was pregnant by this senior in high school while she was a sophomore. She was very happy to be pregnant and very unaware of the consequences that came along with pregnancies. Janaye thought they were going to be a small, happy family. The guy was a star track and football player and was promised a full athletic scholarship to the University of Georgia. He was highly upset she got pregnant; he stopped talking to her. She was very hurt, and saw her fairytale life was not so fairytale after all. She became depressed and thought the world was against her. On February 21, Janaye was rushed to the hospital, where she was had her miscarriage at four months pregnant. It’s true the Lord doesn’t put more on you then you can bear. Now Janaye is a sophomore at Georgia State University and has been on the Dean’s List since her freshman year. When starting middle or high school, teenagers are transitioning into the real world. Teenagers are trying to find a way to fit in with the popular kids. Friends and cliques are formed and either you are popular or unpopular. Also, this is the time where girls become...

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