Teen Pregnancy

Topics: Sex education, Pregnancy, Human sexual behavior Pages: 5 (1838 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Teenage Pregnancy has been a widely discussed topic for several decades. There are many methods used for preventing teenage pregnancy. The largest debate is whether contraceptives provide the best prevention for teenage pregnancy. The pro contraceptives side believes contraceptives are the best prevention for teenage pregnancy because of cost, health, and choice. The first reason for preventing teenage pregnancy with contraception is cost. The cost means the amount paid, charged or engaged to be paid for anything bought or taken in barter. “There are roughly 400,000 teen births every year in the United States, with about $9 billion in associated public costs.” (Krisberg, Kim. "Teen Pregnancy Prevention Focusing on Evidence." Nation's Health. Apr 2010: 1. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 08 Dec 2011.) Teen pregnancy is costly to everyone in the US due to lack of medical insurance, financial stability and responsibility of a young teen parent. Most teen mothers are on Medicaid to pay for the pregnancy, food stamps and either housing assistance or living with parents who are then financially responsible. Pregnancy and raising a baby in general is expensive but to an unprepared teen without a job this is quite a bit more difficult to the teen and everyone else responsible for caring for the young parent. If the mother chooses to not to have the baby and chooses to abort or give up for adoption instead it becomes both mentally and physically costly. All of the costs associated with teen pregnancy could be prevented by taking extra precautions and using contraceptives. The second reason is health. This can be exhibited by the overall condition of a person at any given time. Teen moms are unlikely to tell people of the unplanned pregnancy and more likely to try to hide it for as long as possible. Some will wear loose or baggy clothing to hide the belly bump while others choose to wear girdles to hold it in. By using a girdle or anything overly tight on the belly it restricts the baby’s growth and can become unhealthy for both mom and baby. Normally teens will not seek medical attention in attempt to keep the secret from their parents which holds many risks for both parties. The baby could be unhealthy or the mom could have many unknown conditions associated with pregnancy. Not only is this medically unhealthy but the stress can also be harmful as well. Using contraceptives can be healthy in many ways. Not only will it provide a preventative for pregnancy but some forms like condoms can also prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Overall the healthy option is using contraceptives to prevent teen pregnancy. The third reason is choice. Choice is defined as a person’s ability to choose their own circumstances, life and role in it. Using contraceptives a young teen can choose when he or she is ready to have a child and prevent that from happening prematurely. Often a teenage pregnancy takes away the ability to choose. Some must drop out of school to get a job to support the new baby instead of their original choice to graduate. College goals also get put aside when providing for the child in the present becomes higher on the responsibility list then planning for the future. Preventing pregnancy by using contraceptives will allow both female and male teens to continue to make their own choices. For these reasons contraceptives are the best method to prevent teenage pregnancy on the pro side. The con side believes contraceptives are not the best way to prevent teen pregnancy because of cost, health, and choice.

The first reason is cost. This being described as the amount paid, charged or engaged to be paid for anything bought or taken in barter. Not only are contraceptives expensive to teens but usually they try to hide using them from their parents. The emotional toll can be costly from hiding, trying to afford contraceptives and having intercourse at a young age with no one to go to for support. “Georgia’s Campaign for Adolescent...
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