Teen Pregnancies, Std's, and Their Consequences

Topics: Teenage pregnancy, Pregnancy, Adolescence Pages: 5 (2102 words) Published: July 30, 2010
Teen Pregnancies, STD's, and Their Consequences
Allison Dry
July 21, 2010
Camisha Williams

Teen Pregnancies, STD's, and Their Consequences
Remember being a teenager and the cool thing to do was to smoke cigarettes? Or to act like you were with the candy sticks that had the red tips on them? Well now we all know that smoking is not the cool thing to do, but now there is something new that everyone thinks is the cool thing to do. Teen pregnancies are a big issue right now. 1/3 of women are pregnant before the age of 20(Livestrong , 2010). Pregnancy rates have changed drastically over the years. Teenagers are marrying and raising children at a young age was accepted in and around the 1920s. Later it was accepted to be in their 20s or even 30s can marry and raise children of their own. Present time, it seems to be going reverse to how it was in the 1920s when teenagers and adults had no fine line between who was once even to be considered an adult and did not know what "too young to have children" genuinely was. Teenagers are able to marry very young and raising children young as well. These young teenagers that marry and raise children are a disappointment to the older men and women who were not raised the same way that children are now. Some teenagers may even have more than one baby as a teen. Statistics show that if women have a baby when they are in their teen years that they will not attend college until they are well into their thirties. When people read or hear a statistic that drastic and over powering that it brings them back into reality and helps make a mental picture of how life existing in actuality is. Teenagers raising children young, also means that teenagers are receiving STD's young too.

Preventing teen or unwanted pregnancies is a very simple task and anyone can accomplish this. After reading the statistic that 1/3 of women get pregnant before the age of 20(Livestrong.com, 2009), readers, including myself, begin to realize the importance of taking precautions to prevent more unwanted pregnancies from happening. To prevent unplanned and unnecessary pregnancies there are multiple different types of contraceptives teenagers and adults can use. The pill is the most basic birth control every woman can use. Although many women are switching to the Mirena and Nuva Ring, which is to be inserted, and releases hormones into the bloodstream. The Nuva Ring or Mirena can be much easier to use then taking a pill every day. Taking a pill each day can be very stressful if accidently miss taking one a day, so then it may not be working properly. Many teenagers that may be taking the precautions and taking birth control, may not be taking it properly. If the pill is not took properly then she is also risking an unwanted pregnancy. If women are taking the birth control pill they must take the pill regularly around the same time every day, to get the full effect of the birth control. Women must take birth control properly to get the best results. Many teenagers are not thinking of all of the risks of unprotected sex and how much easier it is to go to the doctor and get birth control to prevent anything unwanted to happen. Also may be some teenagers that may be participating in sexual activities but do not want to confront them about it, Those teenagers can always go to their local health department and normally the providers can set up a plan with her for getting birth control without charge or a low price each month confidentially. Teenagers are afraid to confront their parents, especially their dads, about their sex lives and are afraid of what they may say and how they may react. Parents need to be very supportive in that topic area for their children and always let them know that they can come to them when they need to and to avoid intimidation. Preventing pregnancy is a very easy task and can be done with a little help from friends, school counselors, school nurses, et cetera. Teens should not want...
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