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Topics: Asset, Balance sheet, Bookkeeping, Liability, Accounting equation / Pages: 2 (425 words) / Published: Feb 22nd, 2013
Hindi dahil sa hindi mo naiintindihan ang isang bagay ay kasinungalingan na ito… Minsan, accounting lang talaga iyan.
A student died and was asked by St. Peter.
St. Peter: What was your course when you were in college?
Student: BSA…
St. Peter: You may enter Heaven. You’ve suffered enough.

A-rt of making yourselves unsleep for several nights.
C-an make you feel tulala na wala sa sarili.
C-hallenges you to shift.
O-A sa hirap ng problems kahit unrealistic.
U-maga na gising ka pa with matching eyebags.
N-o calcu, no entry.
T-amang hula ang need sa pagsagot. (Iyong tipong first instinct.)
I-kaw lagi may pagkukulang, hindi si prof.
N-galay na neck mo, ‘di ka pa nangangalahat sa exam.
G-ive you traumatic experiences

A doctor’s mistake is buried. A lawyer’s mistake is imprisoned. A pharmacist’s mistake is poisoned. An accountant’s mistake is… adjusted, corrected, reconciled!

Never kiss a call center agent cause they would say, “please standby!”
Never kiss a policeman cause they would say, “stop! you’re under arrest!”
Never kiss a lawyer cause they would say, “objection!”
Always kiss an accountant, cause they would always say, “would you like to do another transaction?”

Love is like an INCOME, you need first to EARN it before you RECOGNIZE it. If OVERSTATED or UNDERSTATED, it needs ADJUSTMENT. Avoid to FORCE BALANCE which isn’t yours to avoid LOSSES. WITHDRAW jealousy and INVEST trust. Always DEBIT happiness and CREDIT sorrow. If that is the JOURNAL ENTRY in your mind,PREPAID inspiration will be d PROFIT. That’s how ACCOUNTANCY STUDENTS love.

“Life is like a balance sheet.
One wrong entry could change everything.
We make decisions that give us either an Asset or a Liability.
Yet in the end it is up to us on how to make adjustments to balance it.”

I’ll INVEST ur name serve as the CAPITAL of my life and ASSET of my heart, you will never be a LIABILITY coz even if ur MARKET VALUE will be the most expensive, I will sacrifice my INCOME,

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