Teen Drug Use

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Teen Drug Use and Sports
Teen drug use is an issue which many adults are unaware of the signs of usage and damaging effects. Many adolescents believe that if they use drugs like their friends, it will make them “popular” or “cool”. Regardless of the reasons why teens start abusing drugs, this choice can have many negative impacts and ruin many aspects of their lives.

There are numerous reasons why a teenager would feel the need to start abusing drugs. It is often said that during adolescent years, it is when a teenager is in a state of identity against confusion. This idea can cause them to decide and do drugs because their friends are doing them, also known as peer pressure. Another factor is that they have similar motives as adults who use drugs. Some of these reasons are to feel happy, intoxicated, high, or relaxed. Teenagers could have feelings of depression or loneliness, which can cause them to turn to drugs as a way of relief. Since the brain is still developing, sense of judgment in adolescents is weaker than in adults, so they are more likely to have impulsive behavior. They may also live in an area where drug access is easily available. Some researchers believe that drug use can be influenced by whether other members of a teenager’s family uses or had a history of using drugs as well.

There are many commonly used drugs among teenagers these days in society. Marijuana is the most abused drug by teenagers. It is often smoked, or baked in foods such as brownies. It contains THC, a mind-altering ingredient. Marijuana is also known to be the “gateway drug” meaning that the user will more likely to try more harmful drugs after this. Alcohol is widely used and abused in the United States. It is a central nervous system depressant, which causes body functions slowing, such as heart rate and respiration. Many Americans don’t see this as a drug because of how common it is used in our culture. It is also legal to any adult over the age of 21. LSD stands...
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