Teen Activists

Topics: Malnutrition, Poverty, Famine, Africa / Pages: 7 (1526 words) / Published: Dec 8th, 2016
Solution: Teen activists and fundraisers
Many people (more than 3 million) don’t have enough food or water to provide them as a lifelong food/water supply. Teen activists help with this kind of problem. This problem is called world hunger and could affect many people’s lives. So these teen activists create or join fundraisers/organizations to help as many people as they can, get water or food. You are probably wondering what are teen activists. Teen activists are people who care about more than just themselves, family and friends, they care about other people’s problem and how than can help them live a life with everything they need (resources). For example, they help the world as much as they can. They also donate money or give food to these
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He created a fundraiser called Waste No Food. Waste No Food is a fundraiser and app that finds donors that want to give food to people who need them, and then Waste No Food gives those meals to those people. This fundraiser and an app tackles the problem of food waste in America. Waste No Food started out with just a few charities and a few restaurants that were supportive of the idea. It helps many people in the world wishing to get food from anywhere there is. Sadly, America wastes 40% of all food and much of that food could have helped many of those people. They have over 50 food donors, but they are rapidly expanding. They have more than 100,000 meals to people in need and the numbers are going higher and …show more content…
According to this website Food problems in Africa. The world produces enough to feed the entire global population of 7 billion people. And yet, one person in the world, every eight minutes goes to bed hungry each night. In some countries, one child in the age of three, (or older or younger) are underweight because of all the food shortages.
Another problem is or are droughts. Droughts are increasing with tragic and horrible consequences for the hungry and poor people in developing countries. A drought is one of the most common causes of food shortages in the world. Droughts cause crops to fail, and it is hard to grow any foods, especially in hot places near the equator, it happens. Prices on food make it difficult for the poorest people to access nutritious food consistently. Which is another (small) problem. Website is from What causes

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