Teddy Roosevelts Personality

Topics: Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States, The Strenuous Life Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: March 8, 2009
Theodore Roosevelt was a man of immense energy and was always enduring accomplishments. He was a man with a great personality and had a unique style of leadership. Overall, he was one of the greatest Progressive presidents. His motto was always geared towards a “strenuous life”. His leadership was different. He was always comfortable with leading large groups. For example, he lead the “Rough Riders” up San Juan hill in Cuba. He wasn't afraid to take charge and be in the action also. He tried to lead the country into sustaining moral and social standards, but also was a war enthusiast, which could cause problems if he stuck his head into places it shouldn't be, which is why he built up the army because having a strong army helps promote peace in his eyes. With this, there were no wars in his presidency. Roosevelt's physical actions and strong, emotional voice always got a crowd going and would often excite them, leaving the nation in a sense of stability. He pretty much spoke to the individual citizens and was able to convince the electorate that his sincere proclamations were for the better interest of the people. Roosevelt's leadership was always solid even during times of overwhelming hardships. He always did everything in the good of the people unless it was forbidden by law or the Constitution. In the end, Teddy Roosevelt taught America to stand strong for what we believe is true and beneficial for the people, not just the ones in power. He tried to give everyone a fair chance in the open market, keep the peace and lead the nation in the way the people wanted it lead. As for Roosevelt, his motto was fulfilled. He preached the strenuous life, lead a strenuous life and challenged the nation to achieve the strenuous life. Overall, he had fun as a president, but buckled down and was a leader for this united states.
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