Teddy Boy Youth Movement

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The Teddy Boy Youth Movement

The consumer boom of the 1950s America did not reach Britain until the 1960s but nevertheless working class teenagers could for the first time afford good clothes, a bicycle or motorcycle and entertainment. Teddyboys were the first group of youths to dress to impress, they made it acceptable for young people to care about what one looked like all the time and dress purely for show, instead of just having one's work or school clothes. The style was tailored, and featured long high necked jackets, usually of velvet, or velvet trimmed collar and cuffs, and were lined with bright colours. This was worn with a bootlace or 'slim jim' tie, narrow 'drainpipe' trousers, wing-collared shirts and suede shoes. An important accessory, along with the cycle chain was the comb. Common hairstyles included long, strongly-moulded greased-up hair with a quiff at the front and the side hair combed back to form a Ducktail at the rear of the head, although there were many variations such as 'the bop', 'the Tony Curtis', 'the be-bop', 'the tevee', 'the panama' or the 'back sweep and crest'. It was greased and usually accompanied by sideburns.

Teddygirls adopted American fashions such as tight capri pants called 'toreador pants' and circle skirts, but they also wore items such as drape jackets, hobble skirts, straw boater hats, cameo brooches,and espadrilles. They usually wore their hair in a ponytail. Because the look was based on the Edwardian period, a newspaper headline shortened Edward to Teddy which then evidently coined the term Teddyboy.

The British pop boom of the 1960s brought new music and new youth culture. Rock'n'Roll was immediately adopted by the Teddyboys. American musicians such as Elvis, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and British musicians like Tommy Steele, Cliff Richard and the Drifters, Billy Fury,and Marty Wilde became the teenagers idols. Shortly after, the first Rock'n'Roll pubs appeared, as did the Rockers...
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