Ted Talks and summaries

Topics: TED, History of the Internet, Pornography Pages: 1 (430 words) Published: February 13, 2014
Eli Pariser in his Ted Talk, explains the modern solution to seeking information as the internet. The internet since its inception has been a constant, updated, and real source for news and happenings around the world and is now the go-to source of information for our present-day society. Searching the internet for information is an academic habit of our mind because of how easily accessible it is. However, Pariser’s main concern was that the use of algorithms to judge and predict internet searches takes away from the freedom of people to see what is really out there rather than what is in their algorithm decided virtual bubble. His fear is that this censorship of information can give a false illusion of the world and that takes away from democracy. The article, Is Google Wrecking Our Memory", addresses the fears of an audience who believes that using the Internet as an immediate form of information and relying on it is harmful to our memory. He shows through extensive research over time to highlight that there is no difference in human memory now and before the internet. Rather, he explains, that instead of using other people as an information source, we simply replaced people who were our previous sources of info with the internet. Both the article and the Ted Talks emphasize the close relationship our society is developing with the internet. While the article's main point was to alleviate the concerns of those who fear that the internet is negatively affecting our memory, the Ted Talk had a much more bleak message of how the evolution of the internet is taking away from any individual's ability to freely view the world which was explained as a loss of a democratic right to free information. Both, the article's author and the speaker on Ted Talks, would share a concern for the intrusive algorithms in search engines that limit information in my opinion and judging by the positive light in which the Ted Talk addressed the internet and its potential, I assume the...
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