Ted's Talk; How to Live to be 100

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How to Live to be 100+
If you could live to be one hundred years old, or older, would you? Well there was a study, called the ‘Danish Twin Study”(1), that explained that only ten percent of the average persons lifespan depends on his or her genes. “The other ninety percent is dictated by our lifestyle.”(1) Right now there are four of these ‘Blue Zones”(1), which are areas around the world where people, who live this type of lifestyle, and live to the maximum of life has to offer, and a satisfying one at that.

Now, if you asked a hundred people, what the secret to longevity was, you would most likely get a hundred different answers. Some think running five miles a day or having sex every day, or you should only eat vegetables, or a high protein diet, the idea being, very few know.

A man by the name of Dan Buettner, had teamed up with National Geographic, and the National Institute on Aging, to do a study, and find the “Blue Zones”(1). After they found these “demographically confirmed areas that are geographically defined.” “They then brought in teams of experts to meticulously go through and write down exactly, every, little, thing these people did day in and day out.” (1)

“Every human body is made up of thirty-five trillion cells, and these cells turn over something like every eight years. This is why a sixty year old man ages at a rate of one hundred and twenty times faster than a 14 year old.”(3,4) Oh, but people try diets every day, they come up with ideas like if I jog real hard I can live longer, or if I change my diet now I will live longer, if I start or stop drinking I will I will live longer. The fact is you cannot stop, or slow down the aging process no matter what you try to do.

“In these Blue Zones they looked at people who were living up to and greater than age one hundred, at rates of ten percent higher than we were here in the United States, places where they were getting an extra twelve or so good years out of life, areas where mid-life loss is a fraction of what it is here in the America.”(3) People are always trying to define the laws of nature and come up with something that will give them the edge on living a longer life.

The first zone is about one hundred and twenty-five miles off the coast of Italy on the Island of Sardinia, the second is in Okinawa, (the main island northern end), third is in southern California Loma Linda, and the last is in the Costa Rica Peninsula. Now this last one is not mentioned in the study except in the video with an indication note. But as far as the other three are considered they all have a few things in common, so it only seems logical that the fourth is no different. One is they all have a true sense of belonging, loved ones play a big part in their lives, and so does their immediate community. The group from “Loma Linda are part of Seventh-Day Adventists, they celebrate their Sabbath from sunset Friday until sunset Saturday”. They do pretty much everything together, a real sense of self. Second they all have healthy diets, now they may vary by region, but they all do have a strict diet in which they adhere to. Third is activity, they all live very active lives, a lot of walking, for some it’s the only way to get around outside of maybe a bicycle. They do things with their hands, this their entire life, kneeing bread, “one ninety-seven year old man built a privacy fence because he was told it would have cost him six-thousand dollars to have it built, he felt he could do for that, so for the next couple days he moved cement and wood, when he was done he went to the operating room, but not as a patient, as the surgeon.”(8)”The women in Okinawa get up and down from the floor thirty to forty times a day.”(8)” The Sardinians live in vertical houses,, so they walk up and down stairs a lot” (9). Now the point being they do not need exercise gyms, private instructors, or to run marathons, their daily life is enough activity. They arrange their life so...
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