Technology that Forced People to Move Away from Spending Their Whole Lives Finding Sustenance

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Final Exam
What technological development, during the early history we covered, do you feel was either a detriment or an enhancement for people to move away from spending all of their lives finding sustenance?

The Greeks were a highly civilized society when they came up with the idea of domestication in the Neolithic era (New Stone). It enhanced there civilization and made them be able to accomplish other thing that were important. They didn’t start out that way, but thing where able to change in the Mesopotamian area. The Mesopotamia area is between two rivers the Tigris and the Euphrates. Mesopotamia was the creation of the universe with their ruler Marduk. He made things possible to achieve which made and kept the gods happy.

During the Paleolithic era, people where hunting to find food instead of farming before civilization occurred. This made them not be able to focus, maintain order on earth, and honor the gods as much as they wanted to. They had to move around and follow there food. The woman gathered plants close to camp providing most reliable supply of nourishment. On the other hand, the men hunted the most dangerous wild animals far away from camp. They praised and worshiped their gods to help find food. They even believed in animal gods that stood for love, hate, and fear which was known as animism.

As time progressed the climate started to change that altered the pattern of plant growth which brought the Neolithic era (New stone). During this time period, people came up with new inventions such as agriculture and permanent settlements that grew into cities. In the fertile crescent woman were sowing seeds from wild grains to produce regular harvest. On orchard fields they grew fig, olives, and dates. The wheel helped them move more efficiently and getting the job done a lot faster. Men continued to hunt, but also started to domesticate animals like sheep, pig, goat, and cattle. This became known as the “Farming Pack Age”....
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