Technology Taking Away

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Technology Taking Away
The average teenager spends about 2 hours a day on social networking systems, such as Facebook (Halfner 1). Even more time is devoted to texting with an average of eighty messages a day (Hafner 1). Cell phones and Facebook have been great inventions but they also have some serious downfalls. These modern forms of communication in essence have taken over the old fashion face to face interaction.

People have become accustomed to expressing themselves in written form due to the ease and rapid control of texting and Facebooking. “Lots of people feel more connected to writing as a form of expression,”(Puente 4) not necessarily a bad thing but to have such a vapid source to express your emotion is unhealthy. As the advancement of telecommunication has increased the quality and depth of interacting has decreased (Pack 1). Lots of people treat Facebook as a personal journal to vent on. Not only does this spread your personal life to any “friends” on facebook but it gets rid of that personal connection that could have been made telling someone in person. These inventions have taken away face-to-face confrontations. It is essentially causing a shift in the way adolescents are developing socially. Kids are not learning to converse with people directly. Texting is starting to replace talking; facial expressions and body language are lost as well. A real life example of people not being able to express themselves verbally but electronically is story of two close friends. A girl constantly posted deep in depth emotional blogs and text messages. Through these services she expressed how she felt about certain things. One day the girl was upset, trying to be helpful, her friend attempted to comfort her by calling. The call was somewhat awkward and did not get any hidden feelings and thoughts out in the open. In fact, the girl confessed to her friend that she was not good at saying how she felt over the phone or in person but rather through...

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