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Assumptions about our Company
We are FedEx the world's largest multinational express transportation company.

Problem Statement of FedEx HR Department
Currently in FedEx, we have only paper-based programs to bring out the best in our stuff. We want to make all our paper-based programs to automated programs to ensure that our employees are optimally maximized, so that they can deliver impeccable Service to our clients who will give us the Profit necessary for FedEx to be successful. The manual programs we have are Awards Program and IDEADay Program. We want to boost our employee satisfaction, morale and engagement in the most effective and efficient way. About USPS

USPS is a postal service company with an employee size of 707,000 employees located in 80 geographically distributed HR (Human Resources) offices.

Summary of the USPS Case Study
This case study discusses how USPS recognizes employees’ efforts and how USPS provides every employee with equal, readily available and transparent access to information and opportunities in an efficient and effective manner. 1.0 Problem Statement of USPS

USPS HR Offices were doing things old-school way - paper-based programs for managing employee satisfaction and responding to their requests, which proved inconsistency and ineffectiveness. This pressured the USPS HR Organization to streamline operations to reduce costs and administrative burdens and thus explored the option of electronic HR suite (eHR). Objectively, the eHR suite is expected to raise the HR performance of the USPS in several ways: improve the current awarding program, make collaboration easier among employees, and create an automated efficient and fair way to reassign employees and enhance information accessibility regarding benefits among all levels of employees. 2.0 USPS’s e-Solutions (the 4 Programs)

In aligned to USPS objectives mentioned above, USPS developed and automated four programs: the eAwards Program, eIDEAS Program, eReassign Program and lastly the Benefits Online Program. Implementing these four programs was advantageous for USPS. The benefits USPS gained out of the four automated programs were the following: HR processes were streamlined and standardized across the 80 countries, Saved a lot of time and reduce hassle of HR administrative processes, Abled to compete more effectively for global talent,

Improved service and access to data for employees and managers for global access to HR benefits and greater transparency regardless of dispersed location, Provided real-time data and information to allow decision-makers to spot talents and manage the workforce more effectively, Enabled HR to transform so it can play a more strategic role in the business.

(What USPS has done well overall?)
Only by understanding the users/customers of the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) , the technical possibilities, the software solution parameters, and the systems implementation process can increase the probability that the completed software installation or integration will adequately meet the needs of the Human Resource Management (HRM) function and the organization. USPS has identified the critical and the core aspects of capitalizing human capital. The programs they have automated are significant changes to boost employees’ morale. Each of the program implementation has led to implement another program like a systematic waterfall approach. The prioritization of programs implementation is a critical component for executing such big technological changes across the company and USPS has done well as a non-technological company. USPS has understood what its people- employees’ urgent needs and demands are and have implemented the right programs for employees to work effectively. 1.1 E-Awards Program

e-Awards program uses information technology to automate the collection of...

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