Technology simplifies modern life

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Essay Question: Technology simplifies modern life

Technology has advanced to such a degree that even the most menial tasks can be dealt with efficiently with a mere touch of a button. When we consider how much we rely on technology to aid us in our day to day lives, it is hard to imagine a world without the technological advancements we have become so accustomed to. This essay will discuss examples of where technology has simplified or enhanced life as we know it. Who would have thought that Alexander Graham Bell’s simple invention would eventually evolve into the pocket sized computers we call cell phones? Nowadays being without a cell phone is almost unheard of, especially since it has become an essential part of our lives. Smartphones allow the user to do everything from banking to watching your favourite soapie without having to leave the comfort of your own home. New Applications are developed almost daily; all with the aim of simplifying and enhancing our lives. The possibilities are endless. In the medical field, technological advancements are helping us live healthier, independent and more productive lives. Diabetics are able to monitor their blood sugar levels with the help of a small monitoring machine. This modern little machine helps the user to control and possibly reduce the risks associated with diabetes, without having to go to the doctor to simply monitor their glucose levels. Another example of advancement that has simplified our lives would be surgeons who are now able to perform minimally invasive surgical procedures. In the past, to recover from an operation on an aneurysm would take almost 12 months; nowadays one can recover from the same procedure in 4 weeks thanks to the modern lasers and ergonomically designed instruments used today. In the education industry, e-learning has changed the face of education. This type of learning uses computers to deliver training through electronic means such as multimedia and the internet. Almost...
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