Technology: Revolutionizing the Way We Live

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This report discusses four different types of technology, explains what they are, how they are used and who they are used by.

How Technology Contributes to the Business World

This discusses the different ways technology has affected the business world. It also talks about what exactly the four different types of technology are and how they help.

How the Different Types of Technology Work

The four types of technology that are discussed work in different ways. This section explains how to send an accurate email, what kind of information to put into an email and how to send it. It also discusses how a computer works as well as the different parts of a computer. It talks about cell phones and what happens as soon as you dial the number and press the send button. This section also explains how video conferences are conducted.

What Types of Businesses Use the Different Types of Technology?

This simply tells the different types of business that utilize technology and would be basically no where if it weren't for all the advances in technology.

Introductory Remarks
Purpose and Scope
The purpose of this report is to learn about the different types of business technology and to also learn about how they contribute to the business world. This report will explain various types of technology and will also tell how they are used. One of the most common technologies that have helped the business world is cellular phones. A lot of business people are constantly on the move, so without a cell phone, there is no way that they would be able to communicate with anyone. Another type of business technology used on today's business world is email. I know at my place of business, we rely on our interoffice email system. If there are any daily postings that everyone in the office needs to know about, it will be in an email. Also another thing that we use our email system for is to tell if someone will be out of the office, and if so, if and when they will be back. I think everyone will agree that without computers, the business world would be pretty much nothing. At almost every place of employment, ranging from pizza places to department stores use computers. Without them, most companies couldn't survive. These are just some of the types of technology that will be discussed.

Sources and Methods
My primary method of obtaining information is a survey that I gave to 20 students at Macomb Community College. I asked various questions about types of technologies that have contributed to the wide expansion of the business world.

Some of my secondary sources will be the internet, periodicals, my Business Communication text, and also a management text.

Report Organization

IIntroduction (Introductory Remarks and/or Statement of Problem) A.Purpose, Scope and Limitations
B.Sources and Methods
C.Report Organization
II.How Technology Contributes to the Business World
A.Cellular Phones
B.Video Conference Phones
C.Email System
E.Palm Pilots
III.How the Different Types of Technology Work
B.Video Conferencing
D.Cellular Phones
IV.What Types of Businesses Use Them

Where would the business world be today without all the advances in technology? Today's business world would be no where near what it is presently. Technology has advanced tremendously within the last 15 years. In today's society our technology is more advanced than ever before. There are many different types of technology that have contributed to the success of the business world. Some examples of the different types of technology are cellular phones, the use of email, computers/lap tops, and video conferencing. How Technology Contributes To the Business World

The first type of technology that will be discussed is electric mail. Electric mail, or more commonly known as email, is a natural use of networked communication technology that...

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