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Technology Review

By nastassiamadison Feb 17, 2013 733 Words
Nastassia Madison
EDU 225
Professor Scolari
July 8, 2012
Technology Review
For some years, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) reform and the increased demands for school accountability has become imperative, more and more schools have launched a school website aimed at enhancing educational activities, supporting student-teacher communication, contributing to school marketing efforts, and fostering accountability to and collaboration with the school's constituency (Tubin & Klein, 2007). As I researched and looked for different educational websites I came across five different websites that I found to be very interesting, such as, Kids, Brain, and These websites caught my attention because I they are based around my grade level which is K-6. I wanted to talk about the websites that will be essential to the education of my students and me as well during my teaching years. These websites will be very useful for the students throughout the school year to help them in different subjects. The Fun brain is a site that is educational games for kids of all ages. It helps with math, grammar, science, spelling, and history (Funbrain, 2012). It is a very educational site that will get the children more involved and will be very interested for the students that want to learn more in this subject. This site helps students in all subject areas; they are able to get the extra help they may need after a lesson they may have completed in class. This site expands and even goes into all types of games the student can play in order to advance in a particular subject matter. The game lessons are free and can be used within the classroom to help teachers fully teach students to the best of their ability. Kids know it is another educational site that teaches the children more about history and the reason why we are what we are today. History helps each child learn about whom they are and where they come from. It is imperative that we learn our background, in reference to culture, race, religion and ethnicity. The sacred values in K-12 history emphasize selfless acts of people who sacrificed on behalf of society. The dissonance between these types of history is important for understanding why different types of history are taught and why social change can be difficult to accomplish (Waters, 2007). When we know it and understand it we can then pass the knowledge on to other individuals, whether it may be our family or a peer. This site is reliable and available to students at any time and free of charges., a site about science, social studies, arts, health, technology, math, music, English, movies, quizzes, activity pages and school homework for the K-12 kids. All of these sites free websites that you go on at anytime to get all the educational help that you need. The are always available for you at home and even in the classrooms for the teachers who want to use these sites to teacher there classes. Teachers of today can use these sites to test or quiz there children and see what they have learned or what needs to be explained a little more in depth. Some teachers find this site very helpful for there classrooms and they sometimes found themselves uses these sites throughout the school year. Some teacher use the sites to have there children do there homework and practice lessons that has or going to be taught. The websites is more of a tutoring session if the students use if wisely and really apply themselves that it will help them in the subjects that they struggle in the most. In order for our students to become success in school, they must be motivated. In order for motivation to occur, students need to be encouraged to choose what they do and how much effort they put into the task. When we have excelled in this task we can then help our children become advanced in technology and the classroom.

References, (2012). Pearson Education. Retrieved July 6, 2012 from Tubin, D., & Klein, S. (2007). Designing a School Website: Contents, Structure, and Responsiveness. Planning And Changing, 38(3-4), 191-207. Waters, T. (2007). The Sacred and the Profane in American History Curriculum. Social Studies, 98(6-), 246-250

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