Technology Plan

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Kimberly Tomczek
EDU - 225
May 26, 2013
William Lawrence
My Technology Plan
In my classroom the technology plan is to keep up with the latest devices to heighten students’ knowledge. Technology is here to make life and learning easier and more convenient for everyone. It is important for students to know and learn how to use such devices for it will go beyond school into their careers. People use technology all the time now, and before we know it will overcome us, so it is essential to understand technology and its purpose. In my classroom we will be going through each device to see which ones will work and which one’s wont. Here is my vision for my classroom about technology being used. My mission statement is to make a difference in every child’s life. Use the resources I have and get new resources if all others fail. Some students learn better doing things visually, so computers or projection can be of use. I need to keep up with the newest technologies so I am the one teaching the students not the students teaching me. “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires (Ward).” I want to make a difference in everyone’s lives, so I need to know different ways of teaching, which includes using different technologies as well as being creative with them. Having students excited to go to school and learn is the greatest. My vision statement is to know each student. Have good communication with the parents as well as the students themselves. I think emails between parents are the way to go which makes it more convenient and easier to get in touch with them. Always taking training classes or trying to improve my skills as a teacher can help me improve a student’s life. The present study revealed that use of digital devices was effective in enhancing motivation, the conduct of meaningful course-related interactions, active exploration of online information, and participation rates (Lam, Tong). Just being there for students mean a lot and encourages them they can do anything they put their mind too is what they need to hear. When a student learns something for first time, for example, understanding how to use a program on the computer, means so much to them, it is a good feeling to know you were the one that taught them. That is what teaching is all about, making a difference in students’ lives and expanding their knowledge. As a future Progressive educator, I believe in building on students’ curiosities. As stated per Cooper (2010) “The progressive education philosophy embraces the idea that knowledge is gained via individual experience” (p. 315). Helping students develop a better understanding of given subjects by tapping in to their interests and cultural belief systems. I believe that given the right environment, such as; allowing each student to have their own individuality, developing trust amongst the students you teach, allowing each student to have their own creativity with the topics or assignments given, and having a more interactive class setting with technology. With this type of environment students can be taught using a more interactive approach, so we need to inspire pupils through programs with technology. Students need more than relayed facts, they need interactive word examples, projects, computers and hands-on activities to help promote successful learning. For example, giving students information from both past and present help the students learn conflict resolution and to find better ways of dealing with the many challenges they are faced each day. We can do this by using computers to help find information. Coercing students to overcome obstacles themselves pushes them to dig deep for one’s own knowledge and expertise. At the beginning of the school year I plan on having all the students pick a country they would like to see and learn more about so all the students can have a pen pal. I think this is a great way to communicate,...
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