Technology Memoir

Topics: Computer, Computer program, Operating system Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: April 19, 2013

My love for computers has been with me for as long as I can remember. The passion started with my father giving me a flash drive. It was a 1GB flash drive, and I would carry it everywhere, and put everything on it. Because I could not carry my computer with me to school, but could carry my flash drive, I sought ways to make a portable operating system that could be as portable as me. That’s is where Ubuntu came in. Ubuntu is a free community-driven operating system coded in Linux. It is very robust when it comes to development tools, and I started tooling with simple level Terminal coding. Since I didn’t need Ubuntu on my laptop, I installed Windows. I was cool with the Windows version of Terminal (Command Prompt, cmd.exe) I wanted to develop programs for Windows. I needed an IDE co create programs to. My answer to my situation was Visual Studio by Microsoft. In early high school, I used Visual Studio for my Technology Fair Projects, receiving high placements. Even recently, I create programs for customers online. One thing that stemmed from Visual Studio was Unity. Unity3D is a game development program that used either CSharp or JavaScript, which are programming languages, to modify the objects and events on in a 3D environment. Unity right now is my portal to my get rich quick theory, trying my hand at indie development, with a nice little start up called NitroLabGames. If it succeeds, I have my father to thank, for starting me on the process.
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