Technology Is Killing Society

Topics: Sociology, Start, Quality of life Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Gary Pipes
Kasey Kolander
ENG 101
May 28, 2013
Technology Is Killing Society
I believe that technology is creating a major problem with how people interact with one another and it is creating separation between individuals that will cause some major social issues in the future. I understand that there are many benefits of having better technology and be able to communicate in a more efficient manner to get things accomplished quicker and more economical. I think that by coming up with things like video conferencing and use of email allows business to save money and time because of the instantaneous response that this allows without costing any extra money. I also like the social media options that allow me to keep in contact with individuals that I would never be able to find without Facebook or Twitter. The bigger long-term issue though when we rely exclusively on all the new technology to communicate, people will become secluded to their homes or cubicles which can have a massive impact on mental well-being along with socialization skills deteriorating. People are built to interact with one another. If we start to seclude everyone in an office or into their homes, you will start to see a large number of people becoming depressed or show signs of other mental diseases. Not to mention you will see a bigger increase in obesity as you are starting to see in studies already because people sit in front of a computer or TV screen rather then get out and do physical activity. There needs to be a balance of how we communicate. You need to be able to make fast and accurate decisions in a work environment to be able to succeed and make a profit, but you also need to make sure that you take into consideration people as individuals and spend time face to face to get to know them so that there is harmony and well being.
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