Technology influences on generations

Topics: Generation Y, Generation, Generation Z Pages: 2 (1261 words) Published: August 18, 2015
Technology and the influence on values:
Technology influences any society, from the first telephone to the smartphones of today. It has always been a very fast growing and developing mechanism and has changed a lot throughout the generations. Today’s generation, “Generation Z” is known as ‘the generation of technology’ and sometimes referred to as the ‘selfie gen’. The place that technology plays on enforcing values and morals has become more prominent than in previous generations. In comparison to previous generation such as the ‘Baby Boomers’, later generations have changed a lot in both their times and their values and accessibility to technology. For example, the typical values of a baby boomer in the workplace displays values of a strong work ethic, loyalty and dedication and a person being from the Generation Z era shows values of respect, restraint and responsibility. None of which are worse or better than one another but it just shows how the workplace values of the generations have changed. This could be because of baby boomers tending to stick to their jobs and stay in the one career as they’re a more of the traditional generation and it was a lot harder to find a job, so loyalty is an important value in their life. Whereas Generation Z are more likely to switch careers or career paths as there are much more opportunities and it is much easier and acceptable to do that in today’s society than in earlier generations. Values depend upon information, without that they would just be a meaningless ritual. Because of information being much more accessible and versatile from things like the internet and search engines such as Google, values have changed. There are many things that values can arise from being family, culture, experiences and ideas of future goals such as marriage. Social media plays a huge part in values as it allows there to be an exploration in identity, this is where the idea of digital narcissism comes in as social media can be seen as a...
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