Technology Induced Laziness

Topics: Obesity, Childhood obesity, Nutrition Pages: 6 (2210 words) Published: December 5, 2011
When you roll out of bed your coffee is already browed. Your T.V. is turned to the news or weather channel. Your toothbrush does all the work for you as well as your razor. Even the alarm clock that wakes you up from your slumbering stupor is advancements in technology. Is our future drowning in the advances of technology? Or is the more good to come from these advances? Is the way that we live our lives today are making use lazier. From our cell phones that can do almost everything but washing the car, but wait there are automated car washes for that, from the car, to the cell phone, to television, even to the remote not just for your T.V. but for every electronic in your house. These items take advantage of the lack of control people have on their own lives. Why don’t we limit the amount of technology we use and make good use out of which we do have Frank Bowes says “We do not need to go shopping anymore, we can order almost everything from the internet.”1 These Thoughts are on the minds of many more. Just looking around the world The United States is of the most advanced countries with the success of technology, along with several other countries leading right beside or trailing shortly behind. That leads to the statistic found that the United States of America is rated number one for the amount of obese people at 30.6 percent. Effects on the Youth

The farther growing concern how is the advancement of tech affecting our youth and young adults today. Are young adults today are being used by the advertisements and alluring new products that come out today? It is makes them do less and less every day. Sit behind a computer all day, then come home and pick up the remote to unwind. There is less stimulating activity for young adults and children today that draws their interest. They would rather be couch potatoes or lazy. Even students today are becoming much and much lazier. When everything is of the touch of your finger it draws many in to become the technological zombies. Be it the T.V., the game stations today, or the internet, they do not even have to go out to socialize or be known. Dr. Jose Calderon on expert on behavioral addiction believes that there have been instances where people have checked into clinics for technology addiction and experienced withdraw symptoms like depression, anxiety, tremors, lack of sleep, sweating, and headaches just like those associated with substance abuse. Also technology addiction is not well defined, but it is a growing field. Technology can offer ways to escape. These devices offer many different choices to pretend you are someone you are not, so many get drawn in by the allure, like Face book or MySpace you can be virtually anyone you want to be and only the people close would ready know the truth. Links to Obesity

Along with the increasing demand of time, come inventions that take away from what used to be a little physical labor. Once thinking begins that we can do nothing except without a labor saving device, and then getting into a routine of doing nothing without such devices, is the cause for people to become physically lazy. Alone the state of West Virginia is number four on the highest obesity rating at 31.3 percent. It just makes you wonder if there is a connection on the increase in obesity related to the increasing demand for more technologically. This is not only happening in WV or America, according to Garry Egger and Boyd Swinburn “The increasing prevalence of obesity in many counties means that it should now be considered a pandemic.” These facts are attributed to the ways technology has been used in the production of food, and the massive response to the world eating out or at Fast food restaurants instead of cooking a healthy meal at home. These changes have made a dramatic change one the rise of obesity, the simple case of driving through a window and placing an order instead of taking the time to put forth the effort to...

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