Technology in the classroom

Topics: Education, Learning curve, School Pages: 5 (1565 words) Published: December 3, 2013

Rossing, J., Miller, W., Cecil, A., Stamper, S. (2012). iLearning: The future of higher education? Student perceptions on learning with mobile tablets. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. 12(2), 1-26.

Wright, V., & Wilson, D. (2012). Teachers’ Use of Technology: Lessons Learned from the Teacher Education Program to the Classroom. SRATE Journal. 20(2),48-60.

How does learning through technology affect a child’s learning outcome? To try and answer this question I searched multiple databases in order to find research. The databases I found the most research on were ERIC. I know this database is appropriate for the topic because they are websites that provide links to articles that have to do with Human Development and Family Science. ERIC allows you to narrow the results down to show only peer-reviewed articles and so I did that to make sure that they are reliable and appropriate sources. The first article was published in Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, which is a very reliable journal. It has been around for many years and it is very consistent. The second article is published in SRATE Journal, which I found to be of great quality. I know this because, like the first article, it has many sources and that shows that the research had been done in depth and found reliable information to be presented in the article.

In the first article there are four authors, all affiliated to Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). The authors are: Jonathan P. Rossing, Willie M. Miller, Amanda K. Cecil, and Suzan E. Stamper. I think the authors are very credible because they have done their research and each of them either work at the University or is a professor. The second article has two authors: Vivian H. Wright, Professor at University of Alabama and Elizabeth K. Wilson, also a Professor at University of Alabama. I think they are both very credible, same as with the first source, because they are reliable professors and have information from a lot of different sources. Both of the articles have a resource list and the types of sources that are cited are mostly all journals. Examples of resources they used that I may want to look at for my paper are, “Vivian Wright, Elizabeth Wilson, 2011. “Technology integration is generally promoted as a method to enhance teaching and learning.” And “Jonathan P. Rossing, William M. Miller, Amanda K. Cecil, Suzan E. Stamper. 2012. “The future of higher education? Student perceptions on learning with mobile tablets.” Some terminology that is used is mobile tablets, meaning iPads or computers over textbooks and technology integration, also meaning computers over textbooks.

The topic I am going to be writing my paper on is technology and how it affects a child’s learning outcome. I have heard multiple opinions about how technology affects a child’s learning outcome, both positive and negative sides. I am going to be doing research to see if technology truly is a positive or a negative contribution to a classroom. My goal is to find out the affects of learning through technology is more beneficial than using textbooks or if technology is a negative contribution to children’s learning.

The first article, “iLearning: The future of higher education? Student perceptions on learning with mobile tablets”, is talking about the use of mobile technology on college campuses and how technology will be the future of the classroom, including learning activities, research, and even communication between the teachers and students. However, is it a good thing or a bad thing? The authors discover that integrating technology into the classroom can contribute to useful academic outcomes, such as: digital video, podcasts, tablet computers. They also found that technology could support social construction of learning, assessment, motivation, and...
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