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Lately, many functions have changed due to the evolution of information and telecommunication which transferred the direction of the functions toward managing technology. Colleges, as educational entities, are responsible to lead the process of developing technologies and maintain a high level of performance in an effective way. This report will discuss the college of economics and political science current technology state and suggest a new technology acquiring plan in order to improve students’ experience in the college and their competency in the market.

CEPS Mission:
Its main mission is to educate, train and continuously develop Omani youth in order to provide the labor market with highly needed managers, professionals, and business specialists who can contribute to the social and economic development of Oman.

Improvement Area
CEPS aims to promote student learning by the use of advanced computer and audio-visual technologies. In addition, it aims to enhance students’ experience by utilizing advanced educational technologies, such as Internet, business simulations and multi-media case studies. Also, it strives to embrace the best faculty which utilizes modern methods and technology in the delivery of knowledge. These goals could be further achieved by acquiring advanced technologies that are not yet implemented.

Current State of Technology
Currently, there are many telecommunication and information technologies which are used to enhance the communication among the students, faculty and the admin by adapting the university E-mail system. Noting that every classroom is supported with internet access and Wi-Fi is available in every corner in the college. Moreover, everyone is able to access CEPS Share, a large database that contains all instructor notes and documents. What is more, the college utilizes a specialized portal that is designed for the university to apply distance learning through E-Learning. Also, the college follows courses...
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