Technology in Sports

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Technology in Sport: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Technology has changed many things in our lives including sports from how they are played to how we watch them. From listening to the game on the radio, to watching the game on television, first in black and white, then in color, then to watching the game online to watching to the game anytime, anywhere you are, on your smartphone. It has changed how sport is played from the equipment used from seal bladders to rubber pucks, and wooden to graphite sticks. It has also impacted participation because less people are spending their time playing sports and spending it online. Technology has dramatically changed how sports are played and viewed, but has this change been positive or negative?

Technologies positive impact on sports

Technology has had a positive impact on sports. Think back to the ancient Olympic games, the sports were basic like running, fighting, and throwing and did not involve any complicated equipment, and if you wanted to spectate you had to show up, no live streaming was available. It was a battle of strength, size and speed in ancient days. Today strength, size, and speed is not all what sports is about. The technology that goes into the equipment used in sport has change drastically and has improved sports for the better.

Hockey was first played on frozen lakes and rivers and players used twigs or sticks to move a frozen seal bladder down the lake or river. Hockey has come a long way since then. The seal bladder was replaced by a rubber cylindrical puck, which moves a lot better on the frozen surface. The twigs players used have come a long. Up until 2000, most hockey sticks were primarily made from wood. Now the sticks are made from carbon fibre, a material lighter and stronger than wood, allowing the player to shoot the puck the puck harder and faster than ever before. The improvements on the...

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