Technology in Special Education Classrooms

Topics: Mobile network operator, Hearing impairment, Mobile phone Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: November 4, 2009
Odabasi, H. F., Kuzu, A., Girgin, C., Cuhadar, C., Kiyici, M., & Tanyeri, T. (2009). Reflections of Hearing Impaired Students on Daily and Instructional PDA Use. International Journal of Special Education , 24 (1), 11.

I would like to begin by saying, “Whatever it takes to teach my students, I am willing to do!” Whether I need to make print outs of everything covered in class, to e-mailing them, to wearing a microphone, etc. The need for technology in the classroom is rapidly increasing with the changing times. I will be teaching high school mathematics and even still I will incorporate technology into my classroom in any way possible, whether it is with computers or calculators. According to this article there is a “list of benefits of implementing these technologies for special students as follows. He maintains that using these technologies: •Maximizes independence in academic and employment tasks, •Increases participation in classroom discussions,

Helps students gain access to peers, mentors and role models, •Helps them self-advocate,
Provides them with access to the full range of educational options, •Helps them participate in different experiences not otherwise possible, •Provides them with the opportunity to succeed in work-based learning experiences, •Secures high levels of independent living,

Prepares them for transitions to college and careers,
Gives them the opportunity to work side-by-side with peers, •Helps them enter high-tech career fields,
Encourages them to participate in community and recreational activities” (Odabasi, Kuzu, Girgin, Cuhadar, Kiyici, & Tanyeri, 2009). According to Odabasi,, “Aksan defines communication as the transmission of information, ideas, emotions and intentions from one place to another or from on person to another through primitive or mature indicators” (Odabasi, Kuzu, Girgin, Cuhadar, Kiyici, & Tanyeri, 2009). A common language is necessary in order for one person to communicate with...
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