Technology in Healthcare

Topics: Barack Obama, Health care, Health informatics Pages: 3 (977 words) Published: February 26, 2013
1 November 2012
The Benefits of Technology in Healthcare
The development of technology has changed the world in so many ways, mostly for the positive. Most people think technology just stops with their iPhones, TV’s, and computers, but in the world of healthcare it strives far beyond that. Health care, hospitalization and even a trip to the doctors office are much more effective and proactive these days than they have been in the past due to the advancement in technology. Better technology and computer systems have radically improved the quality of healthcare. There have been many advances in the improvement of robots to help professionals be more time efficient, but still have direct access to their patients. Through robotic systems that include video and audio capabilities, healthcare professionals can “go” into the patient’s home to provide follow-up care. We can never eliminate the need for hospitalization or in-person visits. Some patients will always need intense care, monitoring and direct physical evaluation. We can, however, be more efficient in using our resources ( MD, Hiep Nguyen, stated in KevinMD, “Because hospital care is so expensive, insurance companies encourage us to discharge patients sooner, sometimes refusing to authorize care beyond a certain time period. While this reduces the immediate cost, there is a greater chance that patients will have complications and return to the hospital, negating the cost-saving effort. In addition, early discharge often leaves both patients and physicians feeling that their care was incomplete and of lesser quality.” People might assume that the cost of technology would negate the cost benefits of getting patients out of the hospital sooner, but this is not the case. Most of the technology that we currently use is already in wide use. Competition is making the technology even more affordable, economical and effective. There are many emerging advances in health care technologies. Many people...

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