Technology in education

Topics: Phoenician alphabet, Writing, Writing system Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: November 14, 2013
The Influences of Technology in Education

Technology has certainly changed the way we live. It has impacted different facets of life and redefined living. Undoubtedly, technology plays an important role in every sphere of life. Several mundane manual tasks can be automated, thanks to technology. Also, many complex and critical processes can be carried out with ease and greater efficiency with the help of modern technology. Thanks to the application of technology, living has changed and it has changed for better.

History of Education and the Development of Humanity

Education exists to benefit humanity and our society. Throughout history our brains have developed the capabilities to socialize and communicate which is by far the most advantageous evolutionary adaptation of our species. Our human culture improved through oral communications that replaced the hoots and gestures, which are still used by lower primates. Human progression has always been built on an idea. Than future civilizations take those ideas and improve them. Lets take a look at the evolution of the writing system, the most important educational tool. In 30,000 BCE cave drawings were the first means of a story telling. A picture is worth a thousand words, so how do we pinpoint an idea or concept. The development of the pictographic writing system was the first developed, by the Sumerian culture in 4100-3800 BCE, as a measuring device to keep track of grains. This system was adopted by the Mesopotamia and Akkadian civilizations, which helped them, create the first Semitic language. Next we go to Egypt 3100 BCE, and look at their pictograph writing system. Hieroglyphics were the first writing system where each picture had a correlating sound. In 1700 BCE, first functioning alphabet was created in Egypt, called Proto-Canaanite. Proto-Canaanite was the alphabet that was the precursor to Phoenician alphabet. The Phoenician script was an important because many modern scripts can be traced...
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