Technology in Air Bus A380

Topics: Airbus A380, Integrated Modular Avionics, Airbus A350 Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: February 9, 2012

Technology in airbus 380 (airplane)

The airbus 380plane is the world’s largest commercial air plane manufactured in France. The plane has a capacity of 555 passengers categorised in three flight classes. The most distinguishing feature of the A380 airbus aeroplane is the architectural technology used in building of the plane (Bollinger 305). The A380 airbus is the first commercial airplane that has central wing box that is made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic it is a more robust and well built plane as compared with other commercial air liners (Norris and Wagner 48). The major technological advancement in the A380 airbus is that it uses the integrated Modular avionics (IMA) architecture which was initially used in the advanced military aircrafts such as the Euro fighter typhoon. The architecture is built on a design that can be commercially sourced normally referred to as commercial off the shelf design (COTS).A dedicated software that is inbuilt to the server and other processing modules replaces the single – purpose avionics computers, this increases flexibility without the need to resort to customized avionics, and also reduces the costs of computing. (Moir and Seabridge 60). The combination of the integrated modular avionics and the A380 avionics creates a highly networked environment. The planes network communication adopts the switched and full duplexed Avionics Ethernet that is ARINC 664 standardized. The connection layout is star shaped (star topology) and uses the 100baseTx Ethernet. These technologies minimize latency and reduce the magnitude of wiring to be used (Moir and Seabridge 60).

The Network Systems Server (NSS) is deemed as the main unit of A380 cockpit. The NSS gets rid of the hard copy materials that are normally used by the pilots which include charts and manuals. It has adequate embedded robustness to eliminate hardcopy backup documents. The planes’ system and network server has a...
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