Technology Gone Too Far

Topics: Text messaging, Communication, SMS Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: October 16, 2014

Technology Gone Too Far

Almost everyone uses technology to communicate. Even schools use technology to communicate with parents and students about grades and upcoming events. This is great. Technology has also created a society where people are more likely to pick up the remote on turn on the T.V. on a beautiful day then go outside for a stroll. People are more lazy today. Technology is great in many ways, but technology has also a negative impact on our future generation.

I’m not going to bash technology only because I would be a liar if I said technology has done nothing positive for our society. Technology has given us many medical advances that has saved millions of lives. Modes of transportation such as airplanes, cars, buses, boats, and trains have made life simpler. Phone calling, text messaging and video calling have benefited to those who have friends and loved ones around the world communicate. We have come a LONG way folks. A LONG way.

Back when I was younger, I remember spending days outside playing with the neighborhood kids. On rainy or snow days, I stayed indoors and played games my sister and I created with our imaginations. We didn’t watch T.V.much nor did we care for the computer. It saddens me to see the children nowadays. The streets are mostly empty. I don’t hear the laughter of children outside anymore. Where are they? Inside on their computers,watching T.V., or playing video games. Here’s an alarming quote I found on “The amplitude of the stimulation that makes games/media exciting provides a heightened degree of sensory input into the nervous system, which can shift the threshold for engagement and excitation leaving normal life dull by comparison. “I’m bored” can become the complaint of the child who is used to this supercharged input stream.”- “The New World Order: have we gone too far with technology?” I, myself, always try to keep myself entertained by reading books or talking face-to-face...
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