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Shavani reddy
UU100 lab activity 1

Question 1.

Explain the relationship between an active application and the taskbar.

The relationship between an active application and the taskbar is that, the taskbar is used to displays the programs that are currently running and also other open windows that shows various information including programmes currently running. Whereas the active application is the actual running programs which are show on the taskbar.

Question 2.

What is the purpose of the web browser?

The web browser is a software application used to connect and to access information online.

Question 3.

What are the four essential items needed to access moodle?

- Moodle uniform resource locater (URL)

- Web browser

- Your user ID

- And your password


Question 4.

Give three reasons why you should always use turnitin before submitting an assignment.

- To avoid plagiarism

- Check for similarities of your work online

- To avoid losing of marks if your work is similar to others works so that you can either change your work or make to different.

Question 5.

What is the purpose of creating an eportfolio?

The purpose of creating an Eportfolio is to showing your three types of profile information, which are your profile itself, profile icons, along with your resume, goals, and skills. And your knowledge off to others in a personalized
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