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GPS on phones have led to great benefits, for example location-based services and navigation for users, but are there negative consequences; consider a user’s privacy? How is this affected, positively and negatively? T Islam

CI1141 – Technology & Change

Executive summary:

GPS is widely used now days. In this report I will research the impact it has on user’s regarding their privacy and safety as well as the benefits GPS has provided. In today’s world, where GPS technology is being used in our everyday life because of it benefits such as location based services, it is important that we know the advantages and disadvantages of this technology. This report will answer the following question “GPS on phones has led to great benefits, for example, location-based services and navigation for users, but are there negative consequences; consider a user’s privacy? How is this affected, positively and negatively?” GPS

GPS stands for global positioning system. It was originally built by American department of defence so the troops can find out exactly where they are in the world. The system was built for military purposes but later more uses were found of this system, so companies starting using it for general purposes. Chinese, Russians and European consortium is building their own GPS system because they didn’t want to be dependent on American system which is controlled by the department of defence. In the recent years the use of GPS has increased rapidly. Now approximately 95% of the mobile phones have GPS built in to them. Advantages of GPS on mobile phones

There are many uses of GPS these days. It is being used widely by the police, fire-brigade and ambulance services to locate people in emergencies. The GPS system is also used for social purposes and entertainment by the general public. Use of GPS by the Emergency Services:

Police has been taking advantage of the GPS system for some time now. Police have been using the GPS...

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