Technology challenges facing education

Topics: Education, Teacher, Technology Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: October 1, 2013
There are several technology challenges facing education. Teachers and educated leaders share the blame for the technological challenges that currently face in the education field. I the past these challenges have mostly been because of the reluctance from administrators and teachers, lack of preparation, and lack of support or funding. The article talks in depth about six challenges that are present in today’s education.

The first challenge that faces education is the lack of adequate and ongoing development for educators that are required to integrate new technologies but do not understand the new or updated technologies. Another challenge is that teachers feel like it is not their responsibility to use these new technologies. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) also form a challenge because they catch attention of today’s students including the ones a t risk. Delivering informal learning and failures of personalized learning also are challenges that we face with technology in education. Lastly, failure to use technology to deliver affective formative assessments to face is as a challenge. When it comes to technology in education, there are some teachers who prefer to teach the old school with no using technology and there are some teachers that uses technology to get the lesson done since it is easier and quicker. When it comes to selecting a particular method of teaching, the teacher should first think about the grade level and ask themselves, Will these students be able to adapt to this teaching environment. Once that question is answered, then it will be the teacher decision as to what decision she will like to make and where will she go from there.

This article was gave very descriptive and details about the challenges that are faced with today’s education when it comes to technology. Yes as teachers and students we may not see it but there are many challenges that are faced, so well and some bad. As I plan on becoming a teacher, this article...
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