Technology as a Threat to Humanity.

Topics: Human, Artificial intelligence, Humans Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: September 26, 2010
Moot: “Technology is a liberator, not merely an instrument of power or in any way a threat to humanity.” Views of Technology, Ian Barbour. In “Computers and Ethics in the Cyberage”, Hester, D. Micah and Ford, Paul J. Prentice Hall: 2001.

Technology as a threat to Humanity.
This claim of technology and its developments has been argued for more than a decade as it continues to evolve. Firstly, the noun ‘threat’ as defined by The Oxford Dictionary is ‘a person or thing likely to cause damage or danger’. while ‘humanity’ can be defined as the world, all human inhabitants of the earth. Lastly ‘technology’ is defined as the practical application of science to commerce and industry.

We as humankind are now living in the 21st century, full of its new discoveries and achievements. Many of us today are ever so grateful for technology and its progression, for all it has brought to us. It saves us time where time consuming tasks are concerned, along with making some jobs less tedious, whether it be physical work or mental (such as logical thinking and complex calculations). Also the improvement of already existing inventions’ efficiency, one such example of this is the air control systems. Apart from the work it reduces, it also eliminates the prominent issue of human error with many tasks to be done in the working world. It also presents us with an amazing opportunity to communicate with anyone, anywhere, at a speed of almost instantly, and eliminates geographical barriers, as long as certain instruments are available to us. Lastly, it is used in the most important parts of humanity’s survival, the world of medicine, both for experiments and medical treatment. Unfortunately, just as for most developments in our world, along with rewards technology has its risks too.

In March of year 2000, The Seattle Times asked the question ‘Is technology a threat to humanity’s future?’. George Dyson the author of the book “Darwin among the machines” – which looked at the...
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