Technology and the Great Commission

Topics: Jesus, Christianity, Gospel Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Computer technology and multimedia is vastly becoming an important tool in the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The ability to utilize new technology and implementing innovative ways of delivering the message to the lost has generally proved to be a successful formula. In the past, the translation of the scriptures into different languages and implementation of different practices has proven to be vital tools in reaching different cultures and adapting to the changing times.

In the more recent past, the traveling Evangelist could be seen as a form of new technology. Although he could not replace the local pastor, the evidence cannot be ignored in his ability to reach and affect those who flocked to his services which resulted in creating many new converts to the Kingdom of God. Computer technology and the accessibility of the internet can perhaps be viewed as a new ‘Cyber-Evangelist’, reaching into the homes of many who do not grace the steps of a local Church. The diversity and widespread availability of Church and Christian oriented websites has the potential to reach millions who might never be reached by any other means. The anonymous nature of the internet lends itself a viable alternative to those who wish to be more private with their faith. While personal fellowship and the interaction with fellow believers are more conducive to the Christian walk, the alternative of not getting the message of the Gospel by any other means would be a tragedy.

Multi-media, and its use inside the Church, has allowed for the availability of a more diversified service for those in attendance. Churches that aren’t equipped with instruments, or the musicians to play them, can now offer a musical worship service via the audio and video equipment that most Churches have available now. The variety of music, and the ability to put video and lyrics overhead on a screen, can turn a somewhat limited praise music service into a much livelier experience. Videos...
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