Technology and Society

Topics: Unemployment, Minimum wage, Identity theft Pages: 4 (1545 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Technology and Society

Over the last 50 years technology has undergone some amazing transformations. However, with the emergence of the Internet, is our ability to access technology on a daily basis a good thing or a bad thing? Technology has advanced so much over the years. Since the turn of the twentieth century our Nation has come to rely on technology such as the internet to get through their everyday life. It has become so popular that it’s been speculated if the World Wide Web were to crash it may very well be a near end to the American Society. The issue of technology being a part of modern life is very controversial. Some feel a positive impact from contribution of technology, and that technology helps improve the quality of life. Others see that contribution of technology has negatively impacted modern life and that technology has spun out of control. I believe that the contribution technology has made to modern life has been positive and negative; technology helps improve productivity in manufacturing, quality of life, and education. It also has taught humans how to become a rather lazy individual, and I feel it has had a huge impact on how we perceive life. First I will touch basis on some of the negatives on this subject: Americans have just become lazy and rely on technology to run their lives. I remember the days when you actually had go and spend time at the library doing research to write a paper on. I remember when you had to actually write a letter and mail it out to someone or give them a call rather than boot up good ole Facebook and post on the wall. Some people don’t even find it necessary to get out of bed because with today’s technology you have the world pretty much at arm’s length. If you own a phone or laptop you are always connected with people. People have become so distracted with social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace that they don’t even realize how lazy they have become from the convenience of it. It used to...
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