Technology and its effects on happiness in society.

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Violence Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: April 3, 2014

Technology is an essential part of society. Therefore, it effects the happiness in society. The purposes of the technology are variable: to entertain, to inform, to help with business, to keep people in shape, to cook and so on. Today, a lot of people cannot imagine their life without using their computer or without using their cell phone. Good grades in school, a lot of new friends and world awareness are not the only positive effects of using technology. However, every medal has its reverse. Overusing technology accounts for obesity, loneliness and violence.

Number of overweight children is significantly growing. Only in past few years it has tripled. Due to electronic usage, more and more children are obese. Almost all of them spend their time laying in front of television and eating a junk food. Because of inactivity, children do not use the energy and all the calories turn into fat. Being overweight can lead to severe health problems such as diabetes, blood preasure, asthma and heart attack.

Another negative consequence of technology on hapiness in society is loneliness. Unfortunately, most of people opt for watching television or surfing Internet rather than spending time with their family. Social networks replaced families and friends. Parents spend less time with their children as before. Due to the fact that elder generation is not aware with new technology, younger generation become more distant from their parents and spend all their time with their new devices. Also, there are a lot of divorces as a result of non-communication.

A lot of parents do not have a clue about nowadays cruel games and movies. Consequently, they do not keep their children in check anymore and children are exposed to all the violence. A lot of games allow children to use guns and kill innocent people, while television shows all the dirtiness and blood. Because child psychology is very weak, it is very likely that children who play violent games and watch violent movies...
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