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NAME: Mohammed Farhaan Khaleel

STUDENT NO. : 1425841

Course: MBA/Set 2

DATE- 26/10/2014


This essay is about the role of Technology in Higher Education. As we all know technology is advancing day by day and it has a huge impact on our everyday life. What is Technology? Technology is organized knowledge for practical purposes. . [Herschbach, D. (1995, January 1). Technology as Knowledge: Implications for Instruction] (Mesthene, The role of technology in society, 1969).

Sophisticated technology is making the human life more simple, efficient, effective, accurate and time saving. It has a huge impact on Higher Education as well and plays a major role in enhancing the education system. According to the survey of the Economist Intelligence Unit 2008, almost two –thirds (63%) of survey respondents from the public and private sector says that technological innovation will have a major impact on teaching methodologies over the next five years. “Technology allows students to become much more engaged in constructing their own knowledge, and cognitive studies show that ability is key to learning success,” says New York City-based Queens College vice-president of institutional advancement, Susan Henderson. There has been a massive increase in online degree programmes and distance learning in the universities around the world. The role technology has a major impact on the university campuses which is making it essential and also globalising it. The overseas universities and universities in the US are depending on advanced technology to make education accessible to more individuals around the world.

Over the past few years there has been an increase in the number of universities across the globe, and the existing ones have expanded across borders. This shows that there has been a demand for the higher education sector in terms of business. In a business view there is opportunity for new competitors to enter the market. This cycle of demand in turn creates more employment and the growth in the service sector, which leads to the growth of the economy. Countries like United Kingdom, USA, Australia and Canada are well known for higher education and the fact that many foreign students prefer these countries for their higher education is not only because of their excellent education system, but also because of the fact that they are collaborating technology with education system, not only in terms of learning and teaching practices but also as a key strategic elements throughout all of the service components of students life cycle. According to “Proto, S. (n.d.). The Impact of Disruptive Technology-Based Innovations in Higher Education” , some of the trends like open educational resources, mobile technologies, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and analytics are now part of the everyday news concerning in the development and delivery of education in at all levels. The rise of new technologies is also affecting few other areas of campus administration. Social networking tools such as Twitter, Facebook and others are helping to build connections and other support service and career activities. Libraries are evolving; it is not just a place of physical books anymore. With the help of technology the rise of e-books and the way we gather information is much more flexible and accessible than ever before. The term online learning is not new anymore, as it is fast spreading across the globe and is becoming a primary source of education. According to an academic survey states that, more than two-thirds offer online courses in their in their institutions. There is an eager audience among working professionals, employers and students for the customisation, specialization and convenience that distance education affords. Many public service academic institutions consider online learning key to reaching post-graduate education to the people who are...

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