Technology and Health Care Paper

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Technology and Health Care Paper

February 25, 2013


In the today's global world, technology has grown rapidly and there seems to be no signs of it ever slowing down soon. Computer software's have provided technological advancements in the health care industry. Consultants have become synonymous within the medical practices and community to provide a wide range of innovative ideas that is geared to making any organization thrive. ABC Consultants is a large prestigious organization hired by the Lady of Merced Care home to help develop an innovative approach using their current computer software and technology. This paper will describe the software product recommended by the author. This paper will discuss the impact of this product to the operation and patient care service provided by the care facility. In the end, a discussion regarding the social, ethical, and economic impact of your product, service, or application to the organization will be enumerate in this paper.

Technology and Health Care Paper

It is hard to imagine a world without computer devices, electronic data transfer of real-time information and high-tech software programs geared for any aspect of any business market. Throughout the years the technology becomes a major part of health industry. Health care has been one of the successful benefactors of these emerging technologies. Terry, N. (2012) made mentioned in his article that, "Today's impact on health care is noted in the use of health care beyond the clinic or hospital setting." The Health Information Technology (IT) has improved medical outcomes and has transformed healthcare delivery. As the demand for technological advancement heightens the competitiveness within the care home facilities become evident. Now days, case workers and potential residents are looking for facilities willing to provide not just great care but just in time collaboration efforts between the care team. Residential care facilities, case managers and patients are aware of the availability of special software used to create and maintain paperless medical records which can allow immediate access to the patient's medical history. For the care home facility office this special software can assists in keeping track of the stock of medicines, purchases and sales, billing, charts, and staff information and much more. Storing data collected and medical reports of patients is easier with computers, and with both privacy and environmental concerns being a part of today's world, maintaining the data in computers is a more eco-friendly way of storing this information.

Lady of Merced is a residential care facility licensed to care for 15-20 mentally disabled young adults. The facility is licensed and is a vendor of the Regional Center of The East Bay under the jurisdiction of the Department of Health. This highly regulated branch of the health care industry serves to protect not only these disabled individuals patient right as well as their dignity and independence. In order to maintain funding by these entities, data collection regarding various points must be collected and stored. These data's range from consumer's individual living skills, training, behavioral episodes and activities to name a few. State compliance records such as fire drills, continuing educations; personnel, payroll and tax information to name a few must also be recorded and kept.

Having been in business for over 10 years, Lady of Merced has barely managed to pass the annual compliance audits and even risked having their license revoked on several occasions. This year, the administrator has vowed to ensure that the facility does not get any sanction from the auditors thus Lady of Merced seeked the assistance of the ABC Consulting firm.

After an in depth analysis of the situation, ABC consulting firm highly recommended that Lady of Merced acquire a new software system called "NEXT GEN". Next Gen is made by reputable medical...

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