Technology and Ethics

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Essay on Technology and Ethics

Essay on Technology and Ethics
As the technological advancements are taking place day by day concerns are growing among the various religious and ethical groups about the ethics involved in the kind of technology. As we know that there are pros and cons of using any technology but sometimes many protest that the technologies are more of used for the selfish purposes to fulfill human needs than to be beneficial for the mankind. Lets take the most common example of Internet known as the fastest medium to communicate and research, even advancing in the section of distance learning. As everyone in any part of the world are well aware of the advantages which the mankind has for using the internet which can now be used for reporting theft on websites like, for distance learning, online air ticket booking like, online buying and bidding for example on or but the cons of the technology is the fact that now it is used for attacking computerized snooping, stealing, and lying while trying to show the way to moral behavior in the on-line world. Concerns are growing among some Internet users as they see how easy it might be for governments or individuals to pry into supposedly private material. Hackers can easily crack the hotmail passwords and get access to the e-mail accounts and sometimes most sensitive information like that of credit cards but naturally no one can get sued in court for this unethical behavior. Other most controversial issue concerning the technological advancement is the stem cell research. The hot topic under this, which is under debate, is whether human embryos should be destroyed for stem cell research when there are other possible sources of stem cells, although with potentially different properties. Another facet of the debate is about which types of embryos should be made available for such research.

Technology and Ethics
Technology is a powerful force in our world, and the question of whether technology is a liberating or destructive force should be asked. This question calls us to consider where technology fits in our lives and, more precisely, what do we want from it? We seem to live by the motto “It’s not good enough; make it better.” Technology is with us and cannot be ignored. Moreover, ethical issues for business and for society have arisen as a result of technological advances. Many would argue that technology has developed at a speed significantly outpacing society's, government's and business's thinking about the consequences of technology. Maybe we are trying to do, or have too much before we can handle such responsibility.

The question of ethics has come to the forefront in technological issues in recent years. We are a country with advanced technological capabilities, and we are in some areas constrained only by our own ethical sense of what is right and wrong. Unfortunately, the issue of where to draw the line has become painfully difficult in a society awash in the murky confusion of situational ethics. The absolutes of clear right and wrong are no longer upheld in many `arenas of modern life, making ethical decisions problematical, especially with regard to technology an arena that has grown much faster than our attempt to regulate it. We can already do many things that we know are wrong, and many more that we are not sure about. One of the most compelling events to summon ethics questions was the attack of 9/11. Being attacked on native soil was the greatest threat America has sustained in hundreds of years. What is the right response to such an attack? Santa Clara University’s ethics publication, Outlook, asks these questions: What does due process look like in fighting terrorists? How far should the circle of suspicion be drawn, and are there limits to the rights of citizens suspected of terrorist connections? What about non-citizens? (1). Is the government...
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