Technology and Electronic Gadgets

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Effects of electronic gadgets 1

Effects of electronic gadgets to students studying habits

Jea Bianca L. Conge

Pateros Catholic School

Gadgets are destruction 2

Almost all of the students especially high school students are seen of using different kinds of electronic gadgets everyday. Like cellphone, iPad, psp, etc. With that case, students who are addicted in using electronic gadgets affects their studies. As what I have observed, using of electronic gadgets gives bad effects to almost all of the students. The purpose of doing this study is to *Explain the disadvantages of using electronic gadgets among us students *Determine the positive and negative effects of Electronic gadget to students *Show the consequences of excessive use of Electronic gadgets to students *Give the students an advice on how to control their use of electronic gadget. To accomplish this study, I researched for some information that can help me to prove the content of my study. And to be able to solve this problem, I researched for some solutions that can help me to solve this kind of situation, which may also help me to show the goal of my study to my co-students who are addicted in using electronic gadgets. In that way, I can help to prevent the addiction of every student from electronic gadgets.

Effects of electronic gadgets 3
 “Modern technologies like television and computers provide identifiable educational advantages, such as greater access to information and more compelling presentations of that information. Over-use of technology, though, especially such gadgets as cell phones, iPods and video games, presents a whole range of problems which may interfere with a student's ability to learn and attend to lessons” said Coen (2011) a contributor to the website She also said that “students who use their
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