Technology Affects Communication

Topics: Criminal justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Crime Pages: 4 (1086 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Technology Affects Communication

Technology affects communication capabilities of specialized databases in the criminal justice system by different systems such as Live Scan, Automated Finger Identification System that is also known as AFIS database, and Mobile data terminal. All these systems were created over the recent years and were made with many modern technological features. Live Scan system is the new and improved way to take finger prints of suspect electronically while cutting back on some of the work for officers. With the use of Live Scan Officers no longer have to use the traditional way of taking finger prints by using the black ink and paper ten print card method that was the usually used when doing finger prints. ("The fbi: Federal, 2008”). The ink and paper print card was a lot more time consuming and a more costly method for the State.

A lot of processing and storage of this information had to be done unlike Live Scan where the prints are taking on the computer and then uploaded to AFIS Automated Finger Identification System and stored on that system. ("Fbi biometric center," 2010). Being that everything now days is done by computer this method is easier and cuts down on the use of paper and time as far as locating old record and information. AFIS Automated Finger Identification System is used nationwide fingerprint and criminal history system, that is used 365 day a year 24 hours a day to help assist local, state, investigator, and federal officer to prevent, solve crimes and catch criminals and protect the nation from terrorist. . ("Fbi biometric center," 2010). IAFIS is the largest biometric database in the world. This system houses on average more than 70 million criminal files of subject along and around 34 million if not more civil prints. This system has more than 73,000 known terrorist that are suspected terrorist crimes against the United States. ("The fbi: Federal,2008”). Mobile Data Technology is used...
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