Technology Advances and Youth Reasoning

Topics: Role model, Role Models, Human behavior Pages: 3 (966 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Topic research- Technology Advances and Youth Reasoning
Sociology Report- Luong H. Hua

Technology, the foundation of many, if not, all of us has been one of our greatest accomplishments. From medicine, to military, and commercial, we've achieved goals greater than ours, our past's. Not too long ago the youth at the time imagined of many things like interstellar travel and motorized vehicles and now, in a couple short centuries we've achieved many of those dreams with the help of those visionaries and regained a new sense of morality along the way. It's amazing to think that people our age became the ones to change the way we live, but on another note, what is this generation accomplishing? In my opinion, not much of anything. We live in a world where technology is key but I also fear that it could also be our greatest downfall. Media and false role modeling has left this generation of youth in a false conclusion of the world and the people inhabiting it. They've been gifted childish morals and the mentality that they can disregard all the tasks given to them, similar to a spoiled brat. "Why is this?" you might ask. Well, the answer is quite simple. Today we're embracing technology to the point where we feel comfortable enough to allow children to use such devices. You might not think that doing just so would effect the child in any way but you have to start realizing that there's more to everything. Just like how a computer has many components, once you put them together, they become one thing. And because of that it is easy to disregard the level of complexity it actually is. Now take that bit of information Ive just given you, and add another variable, the Internet. Even if you give a child a simple iPhone, you have to realize that they might use the Internet, which holds just about everything known...
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