Technology Advancements

Topics: History of technology, Neolithic, Prehistory Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: October 5, 2008
(Wikimedia Foundation, 2008) Over two and a half million years ago primitive humanoids began using stones and rocks to butcher dead animals, to date, this was the first known use of technology on earth. Since that time, both we human beings and our technology have evolved. Over the course of history, technology has evolved from stone flakes to a world of space travel and super-computers. The increased availability to information could lead to the development to several necessary and desired advancements in technology over the next ten years that could affect El Arco and the world as well.

My business partners and I have decided to invest a large percentage of our working capital in technology. We have hired someone to research the possible technological advances for the future so that we can decide which companies we want to invest our money in.

Technology Advancements in the Future and El Arco
Good afternoon everyone. As you all know, the significant increase in availability to information will cause several great technological advances over the course of the next 10 years. (Rand, 2006) Technological advancements impact water, food, land, population, governance, social structure, energy, health, economic development, education, defense and conflict, and environment and pollution. We will be examining several promising advancements and how they could effect your business.

Information and communications technology is one of the major areas where many great advancements are expected to be made. (Rand, 2006) Advancements in Radio Frequency Identification Tagging and Biometrics could greatly impact commerce. Though these technologies are already in use, it is believed that there will be more widespread use of these product in the future. Once the production becomes less expensive, the technology can be used in mass to track inventory and possibly even consumers, or even how currency is...

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