Technology Addiction Presentation

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Consequences of overuse of technology?
According to The Telegraph, 4 in 5 students experienced mental and physical distress, panic, confusion and extreme isolation when they were told not to use technology for whole day. 1000 university students were interviewed at 12 different campuses in 10 different countries. The vast majority of these students admitted that they were unable to voluntarily avoid their devices for a full day. This goes to show how dependent people have become on technology, especially from our generation. It is to the point where this dependency is so strong that without having our cell phones on us at all times, we feel anxious and “disconnected”. Students have actually admitted to feeling depressed, anxious and craving their devices. In a study interviewing individuals between 17-23, 1 in 5 said that they experienced feelings of withdrawal.

Technology addiction is being compared to drug addiction since there are many similar symptoms for both addictions. We, the Facebook generation, are actually suffering from information withdrawal syndrome. The same way alcoholics experience withdrawal when they stop drinking. I also read on The Telegraph, that some children as young as four year old require psychological treatment because of their addiction to smartphones and iPads.

According to, Internet and computer addiction can cause individuals to Isolate themselves from friends and family. Spending so much time online can cause your social life to suffer and can cause you to neglect the “real” people in your life. Global post explains that internet addiction has proven to weaken verbal and written skills. Technology addiction distorts human social interactions for anyone who can’t put their phone down while engaging in a conversation. If you try to have a conversation with someone who has a smartphone in hand, chances are the eye contact will be zero and the listening abilities will be nonexistent.

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