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Uses of technology
Internet has been the most useful technology of the modern times which helps us not only in our daily lives, but also our personal and professional lives developments. The internet helps us achieve this in several different ways. For the students and educational purposes the internet is widely used to gather information so as to do the research or add to the knowledge of any sort of subject they have. Even the business personals and the professions like doctors, access the internet to filter the necessary information for their use. The internet is therefore the largest encyclopedia for everyone, in all age categories. The internet has served to be more useful in maintaining contacts with friends and relatives who live abroad permanently. The easiest communication means like the internet chatting systems and the emails are the best and the most common for the maintaining contacts with the people around the world. Not to forget internet is useful in providing with most of the fun these days. May it be all the games, and networking conferences or the online movies, songs, dramas and quizzes, internet has provided the users with a great opportunity to eradicate the boredom from their lives. Internet is also used to upgrade the internet and use special software to work on the projects and documentation works as the internet enables the user to download a myriad of different software for a variety of different purposes, making it much easier than buying the costly software cds.

What is internet
The internet in simple terms is a network of the interlinked computer networking worldwide, which is accessible to the general public. These interconnected computers work by transmitting data through a special type of packet switching which is known as the IP or the internet protocol.

Internet is such a huge network of several different interlinked networks relating to the business, government, academic, and even smaller domestic networks, therefore internet is known as the network of all the other networks. These networks enable the internet to be used for various important functions which include the several means of communications like the file transfer, the online chat and even the sharing of the documents and web sites on the WWW, or the World Wide Web.

It is always mistaken said that the internet and the World Wide Web are both the same terms, or are synonymous. Actually there is a very significant difference between the two which has to be clear to understand both the terms. The internet and World Wide Web are both the networks yet; the internet is the network of the several different computers which are connected through the linkage of the accessories like the copper wires, the fiber optics and even the latest wireless connections. However, the World Wide Web consists of the interlinked collection of the information and documents which are taken as the resource by the general public. These are then linked by the website URLs and the hyperlinks. Therefore World Wide Web is one of the services offered by the whole complicated and huge network of the internet.

The use of IP in the Internet is the integral part of the network, as they provide the services of the internet, through different layers organization through the IP data packets. There are other protocols that are the sub-classes of the IP itself, like the TCP, and the HTTP.

Internet in education
Education these days has been the top priority for any family or individual person, and no doubt amongst the latest technologies to promote and maintain the education standards the internet comes first.

Internet is not only an access to websites, these days there is knowledge and information on every aspect of the educational world over the internet. The resources provided on various web pages are indeed very informative and useful for professionals and students related to every field of work. The only pre-requisite is the research over the internet for a specific educational topic, and then this information just needs to be filtered to gain the basic knowledge of what you are looking for. Therefore, these are true internet resources which deal with every individual's educational needs.

Internet has also provided the opportunity to study online. There are virtual universities set up, in which the students can take classes sitting on the computer seat opening the university's website video section according the topic, and then study at home.

The most amazing thing about internet education is that the international education is no more a chance for only the wealthy and high profile family students because now via internet no matter if one can afford to study in top most universities, people can easily benefit from the international quality education and gain a respectable university degree sitting at home through the online educational courses provided by the world universities.

Internet education thus also provides the individuals to balance their time according to their own needs, as there is no fixed time to attend the lectures. This also allows the poor class of people to work and study at the same time through internet education.

Wht is networking?
Networking is the word basically relating to computers and their connectivity. It is very often used in the world of computers and their use in different connections. The term networking implies the link between two or more computers and their devices, with the soul purpose of sharing the data stored in the computers, with each other. The networks between the computing devices are very common these days due to the launch of various hardware and computer software which aid in making the activity much more convenient to build and use.

Computer networking is then categorized into several different areas and uses, such as the most common ones like LAN and WAN.
Computer networking is also based on different network designs. The two basic classification categories of the network design are the client-server and peer-to-peer. The client-server networking refers to the computer servers that are centralized, which are mainly used in storing emails, web pages, files and applications. The peer-to-peer network is the most commonly used and all the computers mainly support its functions. The Client server is used extensively in the business functions, whereas the peer-to-peer server is for home use.

Every network requires a topology to work through which the data flows and the computers can communicate with each other. The most common types of topologies are bus, star, ring, and mesh.
Networking also involves a special communication language used by the computer devices. These languages are called network protocols, and most of the computers use a range of protocols which they support. The most common network in the Internet and home networks is the TCP/IP.

Networking can be either wired or wireless. The most common wired networks like Ethernet cables were extensively used but now wireless networking have emerged and the new computer networks mainly support this feature.

Internet tools?
IInternet tools are basically used so as to make the internet use much easier via some of the applications specially made for a particular internet business.
These tools are advanced and custom-built for the development of the internet, so that the optimal management can be achieved both in the informational and communication solutions. These tools are also available commercially.Different networks are compatible with different internet tools, as described further.

The tools related to the networking of the TCP/IP most widely used is the "Fifi Ping »"The Ping is actually used for the basic inquiry to determine whether the host which is governing the internet is alive and transmitting information and signals or not. The ping tool performs this task by sending data to the host of the network used for the internet so as to see the response and the time period required to achieve it.

The internet tool of the "Icestorm NSLookup »" is used to convert your personal domain name into an IP or the internet protocol address, like the form ( it can then be used for exactly the opposite task, but the DNS server has to be queried for that.

The other internet tool related with the Internet protocol "Dig DNS Check »" is used to gain information from the DNS servers using the domain information groper of the DIG.
The internet tool of the "logic Host Check »" is used by the network of TCP/IP to perform several different tasks and tools of the network in one single host.

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