Technological Advances

Topics: Mobile phone, Cellular network, Mobile phone radiation and health Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: November 10, 2008
In today’s society the technological advances have come so far and impacted our lives to the extent of which we are dependent on. The extreme amount of resources available and the ability to communicate has been a huge asset for the working world today. In my opinion, there are numerous mobile devices that we as a society use everyday to complete necessary tasks. Over fifty years ago the invention of the cell phone has carried a phenomenal trend, and is the way of life with many advantages and disadvantages. Society and the use of Cell Phones

Cell phones have changed the way society thinks, operates, and communicates. One advantage of the cell phone is that it allows it’s users a wider opportunity to communicate by a principal called frequency reuse. This means that we have the capability of traveling hundreds of miles and carrying on a conversation for the entire journey. The variety of cell phones available to us makes it very convenient for us to carry around. Most times you can just shove it in your pocket and carry on. If you were to walk down Wall Street you would see many individuals who look like they are carrying on conversations with themselves; they’re not they are utilizing the Bluetooth. Advantages of Cell Phones

The variety of functions on a cell phone is another advantage. With cell phones we can store information, set appointments, text, send pictures, use the internet (check email, get the news, get stock quotes and etc), and some phones are so advanced they have a GPS system. In my personal life the texting function plays a vital role; my best friend is deaf and that is our means of communicating. Cell phones are very influential in our lives and have played a huge role in bringing the world closer together.

Disadvantages of Cell Phones
One of the big disadvantages of cell phones is the overall maintenance of the phone. If you were to drop it in water it could ruin the internal parts which are not fixable. If your...

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