Technological Advancements During WWII

Topics: World War II, Nuclear weapon, Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Pages: 4 (1460 words) Published: April 7, 2014

Technological Advancements during World War II

Michelle Kustarz
December 05, 2013

“The atom bomb was no great decision... It was merely another powerful weapon in the arsenal of righteousness” (President Harry Truman). Most people believe that World War II started in 1941 when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, in actuality it started on September 1, 1939 when Germany attacked Poland (Rosenberg).While World War II was a horrible and extremely deadly war, with roughly 56,125,262 people who died, that seemed to serve no purpose it brought with it many technological advancements that we still use today (Hitler Historical Museum, 1996-1999). World War II not only helped the world come up with new inventions, it also brought old inventions into mass use or production like they had never been done before.

During World War II there were many ways to keep a competitive edge over the enemy, but the main way to maintain a competitive edge was to force continual advancements in technology. There were many technological advancements made before the war but even more were made during the war after trial and error. Out of the inventions that World War II brought us probably the most widely known invention is the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb. The Manhattan Project gave birth to the atomic and hydrogen bombs which were used on japan to end the war in 1945. The Manhattan Project began on September 22, 1942 and was one of the most top secret missions of all the war on the American side (Roberts, 2012). It was a mission to create a weapon that could end the war and employed over 130,000 people at secret sites all over the United States (Roberts, 2012). While the Manhattan Project began in 1942 it was not completed until 1945. However, while the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb were the most widely known inventions of World War II, they were not the only advancements in World War II. There were inventions for both the...

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