Techniques that Labor and Management Use for Bargaining

Topics: Trade union, Collective bargaining, Strike action Pages: 11 (2463 words) Published: October 2, 2010

The assignment explains that what are boycotts and lockout and what are the techniques that labour and management use to get out of impasses that occur due to the breakup of collective bargaining process. Sometimes management use lockout as a tool for break strikes and boycotts by labour and sometime both parties used third party assistance to resolve the issue. In the assisgment we used all the aspects of our theory classes on the topic of boycotts and lockout.

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In this competitive age, it is difficult for organization to handle Situation like strikes and boycotts. Every industry is running under the rules and regulation define by the authorities and should strictly follow the rules regarding minimum wages, safety of employees at work place, on job facilities, provident and retirement packages, but some times management have to face severve conditions in the form of boycotts and strike. These strike and boycotts sometimes back by business rival or sometimes it is natural and due to the management negligence. Management have to take prompt action against any of these condition in the form of lockout or suspending employees if these lockout and strike are illegal. It is depend on circumstances that how management is tackle these conditions.


Boycott is basically a combine action to withhold business or social relation or to avoid trade and common interaction from property owner, proprietor, Company owner and management or other person. It is way of showing strong disapproval.

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Lockout is basically the action of management to withhold work and denies entrance of employees in to place of work. If lockout is taken place by more than one company in performance it is called a joint lockout. It is management action against workers strike or disruption with the hope of forcing the workforce to accept its terms.

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Internet WWW page at URL: (accessed 27/11/09) SOME POSSIBLE CAUSES OF BOYCOTTS AND LOCKOUT

1. Economic Cause:
• Demand for increase in wages
• Demand for high gratuity and retirement benefits. • Demand for higher bonus.
• Demand for definite allowances such as:
▪ House rent allowance
▪ Medical allowance
▪ Night shift allowance
▪ Conveyance allowance

• Demand for paid holidays.
• Reduction of working hours.
• Better working conditions, etc.

2. Political Causes:
In some countries political parties have power over Trade unions. In many cases, these parties use trade unions in achieving their political Interests rather than interests of the workforce.

3. Personnel Causes:
Sometimes disputes occur because of employees problems like firing, retrenchment, suspend, transfer and promotion.

4. Indiscipline:
Violence and indiscipline from the part of the employees cause disputes. The managements to reduce rowdiness and aggression choose to lockouts.

5. Misc. causes:
Industrial disputes can be cause:
• Workers resistance on introduction of new machinery and change of workplace • Non- appreciation of trade union
• Gossip spread out by adverse elements
• Operational conditions and functioning methods
• Lack of appropriate communication

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