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Introduction: In this assignment I will be giving information the following point talk about each sales staff must do or be like when working for these different scenarios. Also I have included the sales technique out of four of them: Cold-calling, Face to face, Telemarketing and drop in visits. Also I have included their own personal interpersonal skills of what it takes to be a sales staff to be working for those scenarios, I have also included examples and relevant pictures.  

Selling insurance over the phone through cold-calling.
Selling insurance over the telephone is called cold calling that would enquire sales staff that are very confident, have clear and loud voice to speak to another and has good verbal communication skills, which are speaking in a good manner and well tone of clear voice, has an excellent knowledge of products and services that they are selling. Cold calling involves the customer to make a fast sale. Companies who want to sell products or services to customers, have to be registered with this system to make cold calling, therefore it won’t be illegal for that company anymore. If a company sells products through cold calling and is not registered, the customer can sue the company. However if a customer doesn’t want any calls from the companies have to sign up with calling preference service (CPS) which means when have been signed up with this service they will remove from the companies list. Sales staffs have to be very careful which customers don’t want to receive any calls from them.  

 Selling holidays at a travel agents.
Selling holidays at a travel agents this can be face to face and telemarketing when existing customer to upgrade there 3* to a 5*. This would require knowledge of the service they are going to sell for example good packages with good hotels. The sales staff needs confidence, clear voice and verbal communication skills. Also be selling holidays at a affordable price and meeting what the customer wants. Selling...
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